Monday, January 14, 2013

I'm Going to Read the Mortal Instruments

That's right. I have been encouraged by laughter and indignation at what I did with my review of the first book of the Mortal Instruments series: City of Bones. So, I have decided that I'm going to accept the challenge and read and review all of them.

Why will I subject myself to such torture if I didn't like the first one? Well, as my mother will tell you, I like to be contrary, especially if given the opportunity.

Since I needed the second book to read, I went on a field trip to the base library. I like to own my books, but there was no way I was going to spend any more money on the series. My copy of City of Bones was for my Kindle, so I didn't really get to appreciate the gem that was the cover. This time I'm going to spend time studying the cover.

Nice art work. I kind of like it besides the fact that the girl - whom I assume is our special snowflake Clary - looks like she's half way to Super Saiyan. I give the designer a pat on the back for utilizing complimentary colors.

I see one problem though. If I were a pre-teen girl or one of those Twilight moms, then the Stephenie Meyer quote might draw you to this book. If your a person who prefers quality writing, like me, then you might run in the opposite direction while flicking holy water at it. I admit, I flinched when I was helping to buy these books for my cousin, but I heard these were okay. Now that I've read the first one, it helps lessen the sting knowing that I supplied her with the first three books of Ursula K Le Guin's Earth Sea Cycle.

Now let's look at the quotes on the back of the book.
"Fans of... Buffy the Vampire Slayer will instantly fall for the series." -Publishers Weekly
From what I've seen, I suggest watching Grimm instead since, you know, Buffy writers created it.
"Reminiscent of the Harry Potter series - and that's high praise!", five-star rating and Gold Star Award review
There are buckets of other reviews out there that say Cassandra Clare actually plagiarized  from Rowling's history-making series. Like this one. And then there is this one about Clare's behavior during her days in the HP fandom.
"A gorgeous fantasy that's so good, it's dangerous." -Libba Bray
Sorry, but the only dangerous books I know of are religious texts and the Anarchist's Handbook.
 "Hold on tight for a smart, sexy thrill ride." -Libba Bray
City of Bones was neither smart, nor sexy, but I'll try to have hope.
"A tale edge by lightning, driven by power and love." -Tamora Pierce
Tamora Pierce! Say it ain't so! I remember you from my pre-teen days. You're pretty well respected in the YA fantasy community. Please tell me they tied you up and beat this blurb out of you.

So there we have it. Now I have no choice but to start the book. Please feel free to show your support with further laughter. Or roll your eyes. I know I'm not the first one doing this.