The Writer

Typo my first typewrite, and the only one I
paid money for.
I am an unpublished writer. That's right, one of those hermits that sits behind a computer or typewriter all day trying to punch out words. Why? Because I love it. I love words. Period. I have loved words since I was a kid. Can't spell worth a handful of dirt (thank you spell checker) but it doesn't change a thing.

Because of this love of words, I read a lot and write book reviews. That is why you find a lot of those on this blog. Enjoy them, let me know and don't just lurk in the shadows.

And if you clicked on this link hoping to find out more about me, there isn't much to say. Yes I am a military spouse, and yes I collect typewriters, but that is about as interesting as I get. Unless you come across this post about my sun issues. It explains the "vampire" descriptor you might see on my twitter, Google, or any other sight you track me down on.

Oh, that book I mentioned. It is called Hands of Ash, and I'm currently wading through the mire that is editing. It's sequel, Ties of Blood and Ink, is currently in the planning stages, and I can't wait till I get to writing it.